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Noblag Offers 6 Months Financing


Noblag, the leading online retailer brand announces they now offer customers 6 months no payments and no interest on all orders above $99.

Noblag ( now offers its customers the ability to finance all purchases over $99, with no payments and no interest for 6 months.  Financing is offered through PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” service.  This means customers can now shop the world’s biggest selection of brand name designer jewelry and watches, handbags , activewear and not have to worry about payments for half a year.

To get financing, customers simply checkout using PayPal as the payment method.  Then, select “Bill Me Later” instead of “credit card” for 6 months of financing with no interest and no payments.  This is a service offered through PayPal, so that means no credit card is needed to purchase.  It enables any  individual or business with an email address to securely send payments online and PayPal will give a financing decision within seconds.  There are no long application forms to fill out and once approved, PayPal will give a specified credit line, which can be used to make purchase at Noblag or any other retailer that accepts payments through PayPal, unlike store credit cards that can only be used at that store to make purchases.

By partnering with PayPal’s Bill Me Later financing option, Noblag is able to offer its customers the flexibility to make purchases and not worry about whether they have the money in their bank account that day.  Customers can then make payment in full or spread out their payments over time depending on their individual financial situation.  

Bill Me Later is essentially a credit, without an actual card.  This makes shopping online safer, as there is no “credit card info” for identity thieves to steal.  Even if there are fraudulent charges on a customer’s account, they offer a Zero Fraud Liability protection plan.  That means if fraudulent activity is reported within 60 days, they will take if off the customer’s account.

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